From Climate Protection to Computer Games

Telekom’s CR Report 2020 published
2. January 2021 By Finn Steinmann

What is the link between surfing the Internet and climate protection? And what is Telekom’s “green network” all about? Telekom answers these and other questions in a series of specials in its new CR Report 2020. Furthermore, its website navigation and the section on CR management and facts are tailored to the needs of particular stakeholders such as the capital market and rating agencies.

To help our long-standing client produce this report, we provided them with advice on communications, content, and strategy. We have worked with them in recent years to transform their CR Report into a modern communication platform that meets the requirements of digital storytelling and transparent accountability reporting, with the aim of reaching a broad readership.

An elaborate scrollable story entitled “Gaming – where the fun stops” looks at why computer games can be surprisingly healthy, what values games convey, and what can be done against hate and trolling in online games. Communication around relevant sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), and the UN Global Compact has been made even clearer. This year, the requirements of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) were taken into account for the first time.

Other highlights from the new report:

  • On the new interactive home page, teasers highlighting socially relevant topics encourage readers to find out more.
  • Telekom’s specials pick up on current issues several times a year. Topics are presented in an engaging way for a broad readership with interviews, online games, quizzes, videos, and graphics. Articles are also available in simplified language.
  • Detailed information for experts and the capital market can be found in the Management & Facts section. This is the section that fulfills the requirements of conventional accountability reporting.
  • The SASB criteria were assigned in the GRI index and a connection is made between any relevant content and SASB.

CR reporting has been established practice at Telekom for over 20 years. Its report is a firmly established and award-winning format that is continuously being developed – and Stakeholder Reporting has been helping to do this since 2007.