Data collection

E.ON deploys new software for ESG data

The challenge

The requirements for sustainability reporting are becoming steadily more demanding, in part due to the German CSR Directive Implementation Act. To meet them, companies need a broad and above all reliable set of sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs). Although many companies use Excel input masks for entering the data for their KPIs, these masks have become frustratingly complex and thus error-prone. E.ON therefore decided to deploy a new, robust software solution for collecting the data for its sustainability KPIs.

Our role

Stakeholder Reporting supported E.ON throughout the entire process, from the definition of the KPI set to the independent audit of the data.

Our solution

  • deploy a software solution for collecting and collating sustainability KPIs
  • provide advice on adjusting the KPI set and defining the scope of the report
  • conduct training courses for data collectors and provide support during the data-entry process
  • support the verification of data entry and coordination with the data collectors
  • support the calculation of projections, which necessitated by the report’s early publication date
  • coordinate the data audit with the independent auditor

Transformation potential

  • Higher data quality: user-friendly input masks and automatic plausibility checks reduce errors
  • Greater flexibility: simple and flexible data retrieval meets a wide range of requirements (such as the automatic calculation of carbon equivalents based on activity data)
  • Better reporting and control functionality: a variety of display formats facilitates adaptation for different control functions
  • Adaptability: the KPIs set can be modified quickly and easily in response to new requirements