Developing a climate strategy for ALDI Nord Group

The challenge

What parts of our business have the biggest impact on the earth’s climate? And what adjustments will enable us to make a tangible contribution to climate protection? ALDI Nord Group was asking itself these questions in 2016. It had calculated its carbon footprint for its 2015 Sustainability Report. Now it wanted to go a step further by setting a viable climate target and designing an effective climate strategy.

Our role

ALDI Nord’s CR team, which we’ve supported since 2015, turned to us again for their climate strategy. We providing them with comprehensive strategy consulting and expert services throughout the process. The services included developing a suitable emission-measurement methodology, gathering the data, making the calculations, and organizing and leading a workshop. We also oversaw the publication of Aldi Nord’s climate-protection policy, from copywriting to graphics.

Our solution

  • collect data and calculate carbon footprint (Scope 1 and 2 as well as advice on calculating Scope 3 emissions) and identify key emission sources
  • form an expert committee with representatives from all areas relevant to climate protection (stores, logistics, distribution centers)
  • forecast a range for future emissions based on the anticipated impact of emission-reduction measures
  • establish an internal carbon price to serve as an effective management mechanism
  • conduct a workshop on Scope 3 emissions in the retail sector
  • define a climate target for 2021 and design a comprehensive climate strategy, which ALDI Nord adopted in 2018

Transformation potential

  • established groupwide processes and workflows
  • defined a clear climate-protection target, which gives climate-protection efforts greater urgency
  • identified a broad range of measures to reduce emissions
  • set an internal carbon price, which further embeds climate protection in business processes and provides an additional incentive for investments in energy-efficient and climate-friendly technology

UnternehmenALDI Einkauf GmbH & Co. oHG (on behalf of the ALDI Nord Group)