CSR Reporting Obligation

2017 Event Series

The CSR Reporting Obligation: What matters
Essential steps in preparation and audit

In early 2018, many publicly listed companies will have to provide more extensive reporting on their non-financial performance. This will present challenges to many supervisory boards, CFOs, investor relations teams, and CSR officers.

What does this mean for you and your company? Which of the non-financial issues are particularly relevant for your stakeholders? How can your reporting have the greatest impact? What effect does your reporting have on your company’s risk management? And how can the required information be collected as efficiently and securely as possible?

Stakeholder Reporting (a specialist in communications and transformational consulting) and Ebner Stolz (one of Germany’s largest independent medium-sized auditing and consulting firms) presented answers to these legal and communications questions at three public events in the summer of 2017.

We would be happy to hold a seminar at your company to provide you with the holistic perspective on CSR reporting obligations presented at these events.