Alliance for sustainable textiles

Developing an effective monitoring and reporting system

The challenge

The Bonn-based Partnership for Sustainable Textiles wanted to improve the social and ecological performance of the textile supply chain. It was the first time that the entire German textile industry was cooperating across the links of the value chain. The Partnership for Sustainable Textiles’ 150 members are textile companies, government entities, and NGOs. The Partnership formulates its objectives and activities in a joint action plan. However, it lacked an effective monitoring and reporting system to track the status and progress of its activities.

Our role

We were commissioned by the German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) to oversee the development of a software-supported monitoring and reporting system. We provided analytical and conceptual support for development and also conducted multi-stakeholder workshops. The workshops were designed to familiarize the Partnership’s membership with the project, thereby gaining their support for the new system.

Our solution

  • support the design of a monitoring and reporting tool that can be used by all of the Partnership’s members
  • create a shared database to make progress more measurable
  • develop specific indicators for each stakeholder group: companies, NGOs, industry associations, standard organizations, and the German federal government

Transformational potential

  • the system promotes cooperation between all stakeholder groups
  • the shared data basis creates transparency on effective and efficient ways to increase sustainability in the textile value chain.

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