ALDI Nord’s 2015 Sustainability Report

Its first

The challenge

ALDI Nord, one of the leading supermarket chains, made a strategic decision to make its public image more transparent and to actively address sustainability in retail sales. ALDI Nord had not previously published an annual or sustainability report. Consequently, it lacked the necessary internal reporting processes and pathways. Our role was to advise and support ALDI Nord in establishing the necessary organization.

Our role

We worked closely with Aldi Nord to define processes and content owners and to establish a complete data collection and reporting system. ALDI companies outside Germany were also involved. We designed and oversaw a comprehensive materiality process and helped Aldi Nord develop its CR program. The project’s deliverables were a sustainability report (both print and online versions) and communications measures to promote employee engagement.

Our solution

  • conduct the company’s first materiality process, which identified 17 key sustainability issues
  • present sustainability issues in a customer-oriented, easy-to-understand manner with a strong product focus
  • achieve high public visibility through communications measures
  • use the sustainability report as the starting point for a new public perception of the company.

Transformational potential

  • the sustainability report helps change the company’s self-image and serves as a reference point for future sustainability activities
  • newly established structures and processes support the internal transformation process
  • the report provides a new medium through which employees can identify with their company.